Let’s face it Technology has its limits.

It can’t and won’t hit your shot for you when it’s all on the line.

“Mastery comes from within, and if you want mastery on the outside with your body, mastery must occur from within first. Practice your potential for mindfulness. Practice your meditation, getting to know who you really are on the inside and watch your outside flourish and bloom like roses in the spring time.”
Coach Karyn Dunphy

Do you want to break 80, 70, 60; become scratch, semi-pro; pro, win tournaments? You’re probably keenly aware that thousands of others share the same dream.

When the stakes are the highest, how do you access ease and peace? Easy-peasy? Remember the adage; at every level, there’s a new devil.

Another dream is you’ve already made it onto your desired Tour, but your results leave you far from where you hoped to be. Lost in the crowd of Tour players, barely covering expenses and keeping your card.

Invisible; are you wondering if you’ll ever make it?

Has golf stopped being fun (yes, there is a relationship between having fun and playing well)? Has golf become work?
When you hear the little voice within, how often do you pretend not to hear it? Are you and the small voice within two separate people?

The quest is the same. Perform at a level you know you could. What is going on that prevents you from doing that? Your limiting beliefs have created the problems that keep you from your dreams. As Einstein says, “You can’t solve your problems with the level of consciousness you used to create them.”

If you already know that you can play at an elite level, wouldn’t it be a good idea to employ a golf coach that specializes in the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of golf?

Ready for a Complimentary Call?

Karyn listens, I mean really listens; and offers unique insight to develop your skills, enjoyment, and success. Karyn is familiar with all manners of teaching and technology, and knows that Trackman isn’t going to teach you how to feel the golf swing and impact position.”

Billie T.

Las Vegas, NV

Anyone taking a lesson with Karyn is in for a rich and rewarding experience. Karyn is more than a golf pro: she is an excellent teaching professional. My index went from a 16.5 to a 12.5 in a few months, and experience that I enjoyed tremendously.”

Fraser H.

Studio City, CA

Karyn is an amazing coach, friend, and confidence builder. She’s the embodiment of a skilled and tough coach with the perfect mix of heart. She helps me celebrate my growth and is a joy to work with. She’s a blessing in my life and my golf game.”

Nicole R.

Las Vegas, NV

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