Coaching is my calling and mission in life.
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Certified Life Coach

Certified Reinvention Life Coach by
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Offering seminars, courses, and retreats combining Mindfulness, Meditation, and Reinvention Coaching.


My book received an Honorable Mention from the Hay House Writer’s Community Competition.

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What happens when a person takes the last step, reaches the brick wall, and thinks there are no more choices?

For me, this involved my own identity crisis. Who was I?

Externally living as a male since birth (internally identifying as a female), I was experiencing a life-or-death existence. When my mother died in a car wreck, my own mortality became shockingly real, and I took the life-changing leap from male to female.

Reinventing myself to live authentically opened the space to enter the coaching field. I became a player and a coach with the LPGA more than 20 years ago. Since then, my coaching skills have transcended golf. In 2014, I became licensed as a Spiritual Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living. I am a student of the universe and have a fulfilling spiritual practice connecting with the Divine throughout the day.

Coaching is my calling and mission in life. I coach golf at Las Vegas National Golf Club in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I celebrate countless opportunities to elevate myself and others as I embrace Life Coaching. It’s a tremendous honor to have been certified as a Reinvention Life Coach by the prestigious Levin Life Coach Academy. As a transgender, I focus on helping individuals in the LGBTQ+ community, dissolve the challenges and impact of shame, fear, doubt, and unworthiness. With this, they can reveal and experience their own boundless potential.

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Breathe Out Love.

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I am experiencing the most incredible changes in my life because of Coach Karyn. She guides me to the heart of the matter to help me appreciate my thoughts, my choices, and my actions in positive and powerful ways. She shares her knowledge, insights, and dedication to help me reach my goals, one step at a time. I am simply, yet profoundly, grateful for all the ways Coach Karyn is helping me reinvent my life!

Dr. Donavon P Soumas

Reinvention Coaching Client

You learn much more than golf with Coach Karyn.You learn about life!

Sharon Stone

Golf Coaching Client

I am so fortunate to have found Coach Karyn Dunphy. Karyn brings such patience and gently shares the expertise she has attained from her life to each and every golf session. She helps me realize that through her effective coaching and insightful guidance, I can release all the past fears I have had in the past. Every time I am with her, I learn that I can achieve a positive transformation and improve not only my golf skills, but my life.

Ellen K.


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